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Can You Wear A Hawaiian Shirt With Jeans

by Saida Miller on February 12, 2023

Styling a Hawaiian shirt is often not everyone's cup of tea. Many people struggle to find suitable trousers to go with the shirt. If you are looking to style a Hawaiian shirt, you may be wondering- can you wear a Hawaiian shirt with jeans? This is a rising question among many fashion lovers who want their Hawaiian shirts to stand out. Yes, you can definitely wear a Hawaiian shirt with jeans. This popular and casual outfit combination can work well for many occasions. It is also one of the best ways to style a Hawaiian shirt to make the colours and prints stand out vividly. Hawaiian shirts are a popular choice among people of many age groups. As unique and colourful as these shirts can be, styling them can be more complex. In fact, formal and plaid shirts are easier to work with. So, if you want to wear your Hawaiian shirt with jeans, have a fashion understanding beforehand. In this article, we will elaborate more on it. 

Can A Hawaiian Shirt Be Worn With Jeans?

Yes, Hawaiian shirts can be worn with jeans. People of all age groups can wear these shirts with jeans. This can make a convenient and casual fashion statement. However, it is essential to pair the colours and prints well with the type of jeans you are wearing.

Hawaiian shirts have become a popular and iconic fashion item for people worldwide. They are typically made from lightweight, breathable fabrics, such as cotton or rayon. These shirts are known for their bold, colourful patterns inspired by the natural beauty of Hawaii. A Hawaiian shirt can be a stylish choice for various occasions when paired with the right items.

One of the most common items to pair with a Hawaiian shirt is jeans. Jeans are a classic, versatile, and comfortable item that can balance out the boldness of the Hawaiian shirt. When choosing to wear a Hawaiian shirt with jeans, it's essential to consider the fit and style of both items and the occasion you're dressing for.

A common misconception among people is that Hawaiian shirts are for youngsters. So, wearing them with jeans suits only that age group. However, it is an entirely wrong idea. There are no right or wrong ways of wearing a Hawaiian shirt. But you can amp up the look by following the proper style inspiration. Wearing jeans definitely complements a Hawaiian shirt.

That means jeans and a Hawaiian shirt make a trendy and casual outfit suitable for all types of events. Pairing the shirt with jeans also allows the vivid colours, patterns, motifs, and prints to stand out even more. That is why stylists and fashion experts recommend wearing a Hawaiian shirt with jeans. This outfit is a classic choice among people of all age groups.

What Type Of Jeans Go Well With A Hawaiian Shirt?

There is no right or wrong jeans option to wear with your Hawaiian shirt. The classic denim jeans will complement any Hawaiian shirt. However, you can let the Hawaiian shirt stand out by wearing dark-washed or black jeans for a more refined look.

The two essential factors in choosing the best jeans are colour and fitting. Hence, when you are browsing for jeans to wear with a Hawaiian shirt, make sure to prioritize these two things. When it comes to jeans selection, classic blue denim jeans are a timeless choice. You can undoubtedly pair them with your favourite Hawaiian shirt to go out during the day.

Additionally, suppose your Hawaiian shirt is bright and colourful. In that case, you can tone down the jeans to let the shirt grab the spotlight. For this, you will need jeans that are of darker shades. So, dark wash, navy blue, or black jeans can be your perfect option for this. A key note to remember is to avoid wearing distressed or torn jeans with your Hawaiian shirt. It can detract from the casual vibe of the outfit.

About the fitting of the jeans, a straight or slim fit will be a perfect choice. Because wearing baggy jeans will jeopardize the fun and energetic look of the Hawaiian shirt. Similarly, too tight or fitted jeans will also ruin your overall silhouette. This will disrupt the casual energy of your Hawaiian shirt. So, slim-fitted, straight jeans are the best to go with Hawaiian shirts.

Ways To Wear A Hawaiian Shirt With Jeans

So far, we have come to know that wearing a Hawaiian shirt with jeans is a smart fashion choice. However, it still leaves us wondering how to style the shirt with jeans to look the best for an event. There are some key elements to keep in mind when you are going to wear a Hawaiian shirt with jeans. To help you plan the best outfit, here are some suggestions. 

Adjust The Fittings 

Adjusting fittings refers to keeping your torso and trouser in proportion with each other. That means you will have to keep a loose-fitted shirt with similarly loose-fitted jeans. It is recommended by stylists to keep your Hawaiian shirt slightly bigger than your body size. It complements the casual energy of the clothing.

That means you should avoid wearing too tight a shirt or jeans as it can ruin the look. Make sure to prioritize your comfort no matter what size you are wearing. Finally, adjust the fittings of the outfit by keeping the shirt and jeans size proportionate with each other.

Match The Colors 

When we recommend matching the colours, we do not literally mean to match the colour of the shirt with the jeans. Instead, it is a way of allowing the colour palette to follow a similar theme. For example, wear bright-coloured shirts with orange, yellow, and red prints with your faded jeans.

Similarly, for the black, dark blue, and emerald green Hawaii shirts, you can choose dark-washed jeans or black jeans. It balances the cool tones of the outfit to give you a coordinated outlook. Thus, by matching the colour palette, you can have the best outlook with your Hawaii shirt and jeans.

Accessorize Simply 

Another vital element to keep in mind is accessories. You can accessorize your outfit with simple jewellery like chains, rings, keychains, bracelets, etc. You can also use a beach hat to go with the look to finish your beach look. Cuban chains can complement the look substantially if you are attending a nighttime event.

It is important to keep in mind that your accessories don't overpower the outlook. Because Hawaii shirts and jeans create a casual, energetic, and youthful look. So, you must accessorize with elements that match the energy without overpowering the look.


To sum it up, can you wear a Hawaiian shirt with jeans? Yes, you can. Hawaiian shirts and jeans are one of the most popular, convenient, and casual style choices for any event. So, by knowing how you can wear a Hawaiian shirt with jeans, you can create the best outlook for yourself.

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