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How to Dress Up a Hawaiian Shirt: A Guide to Elevating Your Summer Look

by sslr shop on February 15, 2023

Hawaiian shirts are a timeless summer wardrobe essential that can bring some fun and relaxation to any ensemble. But if you believe Hawaiian shirts are only appropriate for a day at the beach or a casual event, you need to reconsider. A Hawaiian shirt can be easily dressed up to be appropriate for dressier occasions with the right styling. We'll show you how to dress up a Hawaiian shirt in this article so you can look put together and stylish while still enjoying the carefree vibe of summer.


Select the Proper Fabric

Your Hawaiian shirt's fabric has a significant impact on how dressy or casual it appears. Although cotton is the traditional material for the Hawaiian shirt, there are also variations made of silk, rayon, and other materials that have a dressier appearance. For instance, a silk Hawaiian shirt can look incredibly stylish when worn with tailored pants and high heels.


Keep an Eye on Fit

The fit of your Hawaiian shirt is important when it comes to dressing it up, just like it is with any other shirt. The appearance of anything that is too baggy or oversized can be sloppy and casual. Instead, search for a shirt with a tailored silhouette and good shoulder fit. Instead of appearing as though you simply threw on the first item you found in your closet, you want the shirt to look put together.


Combination with Tailored Bottoms

Wear your Hawaiian shirt with tailored bottoms, like pants or a skirt, to make it look more stylish. To counteract the shirt's boldness, choose solid hues or delicate prints. For instance, a black pencil skirt can appear chic and put together when worn with a vibrant Hawaiian shirt. Men who wear dress pants with a Hawaiian shirt and dress shoes can make the outfit look put together.


Accessorize with Stylish Items

Accessorize with stylish pieces that go well with the shirt to give your ensemble an extra dash of elegance. For women, a simple necklace or a pair of statement earrings can inject some glam into the ensemble. A leather belt and a watch can add class for men. Avoid anything that is too gaudy or oversized because it will take away from the overall design.


Layer Up

Layering a Hawaiian shirt under a blazer or cardigan is another way to dress it up. This is a great way to accentuate the outfit's structure and sophistication while preserving the casual vibe of the shirt. When worn by a woman and worn with Hawaiian shirts, pants, or a skirt, a solid-colored blazer can look put together. For men, a cardigan in a simple color can give the ensemble a refined touch.


Select the Proper Shoes

Finally, the right pair of shoes can completely change how a Hawaiian shirt is styled. Avoid wearing shoes that are too casual, like sneakers or flip-flops. Instead, choose dressier footwear like loafers, heels, or other types of shoes. For instance, a Hawaiian shirt and a skirt can look incredibly stylish when worn with a pair of strappy heels.



A Hawaiian shirt can be a functional and fashionable addition to any wardrobe with the right styling. A Hawaiian shirt is a great way to add a dash of fun and relaxation to any outfit, whether you're dressing it up for a wedding or a night out or dressing it down for a casual day at the beach. You can easily dress up a Hawaiian shirt and create a look that is both fashionable and carefree by paying attention to the fabric, fit, and accessories. So go ahead and let the Hawaiian shirt's tropical vibe whisk you away to a place of sunshine, relaxation, and endless summer.