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Patterned or Plain Sweaters – Which is Better?

by Jacky Deng on December 16, 2022

Have you ever wondered about whether patterned or plain sweaters are better for your look? There are benefits to both options, which naturally begs the question: which is better, a patterned sweater or plain sweater? With this thought in mind, today, we’re looking at the different sweater designs – plain or patterned – to help you decide which might be the best option to consider for your own wardrobe.

Still, before we go any further, it’s important that we point out here that everyone’s style is unique! So, whether you’re a fan of patterned or plain sweaters is entirely your choice. Embrace your style and show it off – after all, confidence is always the best look!

 Patterned or Plain Sweaters

What Looks Better: Patterned or Plain Sweater Designs?

Finding the perfect sweater design isn’t always easy. And, with this thought in mind, it’s perhaps unsurprising that many people find themselves feeling a bit unsure about how to make their outfits look great when combining them with sweaters. Still, both patterned and plain sweaters can look awesome as part of cute sweater outfits.

However, not every sweater is necessarily created equal. With this thought in mind, finding cute sweaters and the ideal outfits to pair with them doesn’t have to be all that difficult, provided that you’ve taken the time to consider the pros and cons of each material and how it can work as an outfit.

But remember: there’s more to your look than just the sweater. So, be sure to spend time considering the options for other parts of your wardrobe and outfit, too. Shoes, bottoms, accessories, jewelry, and the like all play a significant part in your final look.


The Benefits of a Plain Sweater

First, let’s consider the humble plain sweater – a tried and tested staple of many wardrobes. Just because a sweater is plain, though, doesn’t mean that it’s not a brilliant part of cute sweater outfits! So, a plain sweater could be the perfect option if you’ve been looking for a simple option with your outfits.

Some of the main benefits of a plain sweater include the following points. Be sure to keep these in mind when looking for that ideal new sweater to ensure it’s the ideal one for your wardrobe!

 Plain Sweaters


Just because a plain sweater doesn’t have a pattern directly doesn’t mean you’re limited on options! Plain colored sweaters come in numerous different shapes, sizes, and shades.

Moreover, they are also relatively universal, which means that they are also more likely to be in stock – after all, the brand can order more in advance. Plus, if you find that your normal brand doesn’t have your dream plain sweater in stock, no worries – there’s a good chance that another store will have a similar one as well.



Another great benefit of reaching for a plain colored sweater is that they’re often very affordable options to consider. Naturally, a patterned sweater will use a much more complex (and, accordingly, slow) manufacturing process, which will increase production costs significantly. In addition to this, some patterned sweaters may also use much more material to create which can also bump up the price. Luckily, though, plain sweaters don’t have quite as complex manufacturing processes, and this ensures that they are often cheaper to buy as a result.



Without a doubt, a further benefit of sweater that’s plain is its versatility. Since a plain sweater doesn’t have a pattern that will clash with other designs, it’s incredibly easy to pair with your favorite garments, no matter what they might be. Why leave this to chance?


Timeless Designs

As a further benefit, it’s well worth noting here that a plain sweater is simply unbeatable when it comes to timeless designs. We all need to find new ways to save a few cents where we can these days, and making sure your clothes last a little longer can save hundreds of dollars every year. With this thought in mind, if you’re trying to be a little more conservative with your budget, opting for a plain sweater can be a great option for sure!

For the most pair, a simple, plain sweater won’t really go out of style. Of course, some designs will be more or less “in” than others, but when you choose a fully plain sweater, there’s not much that can go too far wrong. As a result, when you choose a plain colored sweater, you can be confident that you’ll be able to get several seasons’ worth of use out of the design!


When a Patterned Sweater is Better

While there’s irrefutably a lot to love about a stunning plain sweater, a patterned sweater can also be a super investment for your wardrobe. However, wearing patterned sweaters requires a little more time and thought to pull off the cute sweater outfit ideas and look. So, be sure to spend a little more time considering how you’ll pair up your patterned sweater to really make the most of the look.

So, what are the benefits here? Well, a patterned sweater can provide numerous different perks. While patterned sweaters may not be for everyone, they could certainly be a good option if you’re the sort of person who likes making a bold statement!

 Patterned Sweaters

Bring Any Outfit to Life

When talking about patterned sweaters and the benefits that a patterned sweater can bring, the most obvious is also the most valuable: it can bring any outfit to life.

There’s nothing wrong with a plain outfit, of course. And, in some scenarios, plain outfits can be the most powerful. However, if you’re not the sort of person who is content just settling into the crowd, there’s good news: a gorgeous patterned sweater might be the ideal option.

A patterned sweater is often eye-catching and intriguing, even if it’s not necessarily a bright design. This makes it a genuinely excellent way to bring your outfits to life – even if the rest of your clothes are pretty simple in their own right! A plain shirt and pair of jeans with a stunning patterned sweater – if done right – will surely make a huge impact.


Conversation Starter

So, you’ve caught someone’s attention with your awesome patterned sweater. Will, the good news here is that you’ll immediately have a brilliant conversation starter thanks to your sweater outfit ideas! Indeed, no matter the type of design you’ve opted for in the end with your new patterned sweater, there’s no doubt that every garment tells its own tale.

With this thought in mind, you’ll be able to very easily get conversations flowing with new people – even if you haven’t met them – in many cases just by wearing a great sweater that leaves people wanting to know more about you.


Show Off Your Passions and Interests

Following on from our previous point, another key benefit of opting for a patterned sweater is that it will often show off a lot about you. In other words, many patterned sweaters clearly indicate your strengths, weaknesses, or hobbies – and this can further encourage new people to come over, say hi, and feel at peace in your presence.

Of course, many patterns are just that: a pretty pattern. However, choosing the perfect style that aligns with your own interests can definitely be a great way to get to know other like-minded people! For example, wearing a game-inspired sweater will often be an excellent way to indirectly let other people know, “Hey, I like games.” In doing so, someone else who shares this passion is likely to feel much more eager to get to know you!


Ideal for Holiday Seasons

As an additional benefit, it’s definitely worthwhile to remember that a stunning patterned sweater can also be a great way to show your holiday season cheer, too! Patterned sweaters lend themselves perfectly to events and holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Plus, is it really a proper Christmas outfit if you don’t have a delightfully ugly Christmas sweater to complete the look?

Altogether, holiday-themed sweaters are really an effortless option. No one cares how you look, and let’s be honest: everyone’s down for a good chuckle at the worst Christmas sweater!


Which is Better?

Neither a patterned sweater nor a sweater that’s plain is innately better than the other since this will depend on what you want to achieve from your outfit.

A plain sweater is the way to go if you want to blend into the crowd and not draw too much attention, but still want to look classy and comfortable. Plain sweaters aren’t usually too eye-catching and give the wearer a somewhat more modest look.

However, if you’re the sort of person who loves to be the center of attention, patterned sweaters are definitely the best option for you! Patterned sweaters will turn heads with every step, so it’s no wonder they’re growing in popularity quickly among people wanting to make themselves known to the world.

In the end, it comes down to your personal style. What do you want to achieve from your outfit? Defining this will help you decide on whether a patterned or plain sweater is right for you.


How to Add Cute Sweaters to Your Outfits

By now, we’ve looked at each sweater type’s main benefits and drawbacks – but how can you add cute sweaters to your outfits? This isn’t always clear, so we have outlined a few options you should consider to seamlessly add gorgeous plain or patterned sweater designs to your wardrobe. However, the perfect match for every sweater will vary depending on the style. So for item-specific ideas, be sure to see what the model wore along with the sweater during photoshoots for the garment.


Wearing a Patterned Sweater With Your Outfit

We’ve already briefly mentioned some of the key things you should know about wearing a patterned sweater. However, the single most important rule when planning how to use your new cute sweaters in real outfits is: don’t let the patterns clash!

In most cases, it’s simplest to pair patterned outfits with plain clothing, such as plain trousers or jeans. However, it’s not necessarily impossible to pair multiple different patterns together – for example, if your new sweater has a complex pattern already, you might be able to blend in simpler patterns for other garments successfully. An example of this might be a detailed floral sweater; this could potentially pair well with a striped pair of trousers.

The main thing to remember is to find a visual balance when combining patterned sweaters with other patterns. You don’t want the entire outfit to blend into one, but you also want the different patterns to complement eachother for the best results.

In terms of accessories, simple jewelry is usually best to pair with a patterned sweater so as not to detract from the main style.


Adding a Sweater That’s Plain to your Look

A plain sweater or very minimal patterning is perhaps the most versatile item in your wardrobe! Since it doesn’t have a very bold design, it can be readily combined with almost any other garment that matches the color scheme. As a result, a plain sweater will often be a great investment, so these excellent designs represent a core component of almost any cool-weather wardrobe.

To make the best impact with your plain sweater, it’s worth choosing bottoms with a slight degree of pattern or color variation. Denim is a great option in this regard since the texture of denim jeans and shorts offers a brilliant complement to the simplicity of a plain sweater. What’s more, denim is an exceptionally versatile material, making it ideal for use with many other garments too.

However, if you really want to make your look shine when wearing a plain sweatshirt, it’s good to add at least a little extra color to the outfit. With this thought in mind, reaching for a badge, a brooch, or accessories can definitely help. Plus, since your plain sweater is already simple, you can generally go much bolder in terms of your jewelry without detracting from the style of your outfit.