About Us – SSLR


SSLR is committed to building a world-renowned clothing brand, an international sensation with business markets operating in the United States and Europe with the latest styles empowering our customers to be comfortable within their own skin. From being just another brand to dominating global sales charts and becoming one of the most respected clothing companies today, our success lies in the company's commitment to ensuring our members receive nothing less than the best possible value. At SSLR, our approach is for them to feel inspired through the ideology of individuality to take root by adding extra measures to encourage innovation, allowing an outfit to be versatile, attractive, and unique in its own way.



With our tailor-made cuts, contemporary patterns and vibrant colors, SSLR clothing brand has become synonymous with sophisticated fashion around the world. We pursue to create good quality and classic fashion products at affordable prices. Just as our slogan, “To Be, To Create”, with the guide of correct thought, we are continuously pursuing innovation in design and category to meet the demands of customers. Today, SSLR has developed into an international brand that attracts the attention of fashion men and women around the world. Its customers are all over the world.




Sticking with quality

Our philosophy of using only high-quality materials has been vital to the brand's growth. We only use organic cotton and natural dyes, resulting in environmentally friendly clothing lasting much longer than other garments.


Evolving through Innovation

We believe how clothes fit are just as important as how they look. How something works in your body can make or break an outfit, and we want you to feel confident about your purchase.


Building Trends

Our designs are fashionable and up-to-date, with new clothing coming out every season.


Eco-friendly Products

We're committed to being environmentally responsible and creating ecologically sustainable quality clothing!


Unique designs

We avoid repeating designs you find in other brands, so you'll always be wearing something unique that nobody else has.



Our vision is to provide contemporary yet timeless designs to keep up with the ever-changing fashion trends without sacrificing our ethical values to strive for durability and a sense of prestige with every product.



Our approach is to meet the highest standards of crafting clothing designs while maintaining our value, culture and heritage to offer unmatched products that build trends for the future.